Why gambling companies operate more than one online casino

If there is one thing that’s not a scarce product, it’s online casinos. As a player, there are hundreds of brands to choose from and each month, even more casinos enter the market. However, what is not apparent at first sight is that often it’s the same gambling firm operating the casino site. Have you ever heard of Kassu, Vegas Hero or Casino Joy? It might be surprising to learn that they all belong to Genesis Global, an internationally renowned gambling company.

Why do companies decide to launch several brands and not put their focus on perfecting one brand? Well, the obvious reason is that one size does not fit all, and by coming up with different designs, you automatically appeal to different target groups. However, another reason is that it’s incredibly simple for gambling companies to launch sister sites to its core brand, and here is why!

Reusable casino infrastructure

The first reason why it’s fairly straightforward to launch more than one site is that the complex infrastructure – the engine of an online casino – is reused. While each online casino might look entirely different from the outside, they are all the same behind the scenes: the same technology, same processes, same everything. It’s like a Ferrari that is available in red, yellow, and white. Just because the colour is different doesn’t mean the engineers in Maranello reinvent the car each time.

The gambling license regulated the parent company, not the casino itself

Another reason that makes the process of launching related sites rather simple is the gambling license. Other to what you might think, an operating permit is not issued on a per-casino-basis but to the operator. Going back to the previous example, Genesis Global Limited owns the UK license and not each of their casinos. It means that they are allowed to launch as many online casinos as they wish, as long as Genesis Global adds the new brand and URL to the public registry.

Strong partnerships with games developers

Most gambling firms have strong partnerships with casino games developers such as NetEnt, Play’n GO, Microgaming, Big Time Gaming, and others. The developers have the interest to bring their games to as many people as possible, and the more casino sites a company launches, the more customers they will eventually recruit. It’s a win-win situation for both the developers of games as well as the online casinos; hence both are supporting each other in the launch of new brands and products.

Players know they can trust the other casino sites

One of the core reasons that make it particularly easy to launch a new casino is the trust the gambling company has already built with its player base. At one point in life, you might want to give another online casino a try. Perhaps you’ve been playing with the same operator for a while now and need a change, or you’re just curious what else is out there. Well, since you’re gambling with your own money, trusting a website is the number one priority. You want to be sure that all games are fair, transactions are handled securely, and winnings get paid out fast and without a hassle. With sister sites, you get exactly that!

Related sites all make use of the same technology behind the scene, whether it’s about processing payments both deposits and withdrawals, or handling personal data. In some cases, the casinos even share the same customer support team meaning that if you move on to a new site, you might be able to keep the same VIP manager (if you’re a frequent player).

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