Sports Betting’s Biggest Money Makers

Many people who get involved with sports betting are already big fans of the sport already, but others get started as a way of earning money and making a profit.

Sports betting is a great way of enjoying the action of a game, with a little extra excitement thrown in for good measure. All gambling is a game of mathematics and chance, but if you understand the mathematics of the sport, you’re more likely to gain an advantage and with Timeform help, tip and trick blogs, it’s never been easier. But which sports are most likely to earn you a profit? 

Horse Racing 

Horse racing is a popular choice for betting as it’s easy to get to grips with quickly and there are many types of betting options to choose from. There are several details that punters can take into account when predicting a winner, such as…

  • Stats
  • Animal breeding
  • Behavior
  • Weather
  • Track condition
  • The market behavior

In order to track horses successfully, punters need to be able to do their research, but if they do, there’s a great opportunity to earn big with horse racing.

Racing offers a great potential to generate higher yields compared to other sports, as the odds-on horses are typically much bigger so there’s more room for error from the odds compilers. Their information for each race is also less perfect compared to football and other sports. While they’re riskier, accumulator bets in horse racing offer the biggest opportunity to earn massive payouts. 


Football is the most popular sports in the world for betting and as a result, football wagers have the highest betting value of all sports. So, it may come as a surprise that many professional punters prefer to bet on other sports such as tennis, cricket and basketball. The reason for this is that football is a low-scoring game, so the occurrence of random results is much higher than with other sports, which makes it difficult for punters to predict the outcome. In order for consistent returns from football betting, less is definitely more. Betting in singles or doubles is the more prudent approach to seeing a return in football, so professionals tend to opt for two betting types – the Asian handicap and the over/under goals market. With these bets, there is only two outcomes so while the returns aren’t astronomical, they are the best option for long-term success. 


Rugby is a great choice for experts, as they are mainstream enough for bookies to allow for reasonable sized stakes but not popular enough that there will be a wealth of perfect knowledge. But if you have intricate knowledge of the game and players, as well as insider information, you’ll have a distinct advantage over the average punter, and you can make big money as a result. If you want to get involved in sports betting with a difference, with great opportunities to make money, getting well acquainted with rugby could be a great route to take that sets you apart from the standard sports bettor.

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