How To Choose The Best Bookmaker For You

There are so many bookmakers to choose from so how do you know which is the right one to choose?

It depends what you want to get out of a bookmaker but here are some things to help you make your decision:


Some bookmakers have a better reputation than others.  There are those that have been around for a decade and built up their trust and others that are new to the scene that haven’t got there yet.  Generally, the more users a bookmaker has the more trusted they are.  For example, Bet365 is one of the world’s leading online gambling groups with over 19 million customers in almost 200 countries.

Mobile App

Are you going to be making most of your bets on your desktop or on your phone?  Are you going to be at your desktop when a cash out opportunity arrives or whilst you’re at the game? It’s certainly worth downloading the mobile apps of the bookmakers you are considering to see which one you find the quickest and easiest to use.

Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus isn’t the be all and end all of a bookmaker but it is certainly a good reason to join.  For example, Bet365 offer a great £200 welcome bonus to new members whilst others only offer £20 or even £10 in comparison.  How much free money would you like sitting in your account?  In that case, it’s worth checking out the Bet365 offer and review from BettingExpert.

Free Bets/Bonuses

From time to time bookmakers will offer free bets to their loyal customers.  SkyBet are well-known for this so it’s worth looking around to see which bookmakers are more generous than others as we all like to receive gifts.  On top of that, SkyBet also offer regular price boosts whilst Bet365 are known for their accumulator bonuses and Paddy Power for refunding 1st goalscorers.  Whichever type of bets you place it’s worth considering one where there’s a chance of free bets and refunds from your bookmaker.

Customer Service

No one likes bad customer service so in case you ever need to contact your bookmaker using one with a good customer support team is vital.  You can use sites such as BettingExpert to find out the details of these as they judge all of the top bookmakers and many others in this category with impartial reviews.


After winning your bets you want to receive your cash as quick as possible.  It’s worth looking at withdrawal times if you’re ever in a hurry to receive your money.  Most bookmakers take between 1-3 days to transfer your winnings from your account to your bank, though others can get it done in hours through Paypal.

Many punters prefer to have accounts with more than one bookmaker open.  This gives them the opportunity to get better odds on their selections.  For example, if they wanted to bet on a Chelsea win this weekend, they may only be getting evens at one bookmaker but 7/5 with another.  At the end of the day you always want to get the best odds as it will increase your winnings.

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