Golden Sevens: Winning Has Never Been So Much Fun

Nowadays, there is an increasing popularity of slot games among people. They love to get proper results and go for the big win. However, slot game sector is quite flexible. So, winning always is not the option you have. But, playing the game properly can help you to win and most importantly, enjoy your time. One such game is Golden Sevens. In this game, you have the magical power to turn those delicious fruits into a win.

The lucky number over here is 7, and that helps you to be the winner of the bumping jackpot. You just have to spin the reels. There are five reels with 5, 10 and 20 win lines. So, get to this game and start earning some huge amount now!

More on the progressive jackpot:

Here, your main goal is to match the symbols in right combinations on win lines. You get the chance to view all the winning combinations in the pay table of this game. But before proceeding further, it is important to learn more about the progressive jackpot. This game comprises of a common jackpot, which is same for all the bets placed. If you ever get the chance to land on 15 times on the number 7, then the progressive jackpot is designed to be paid out.

Depending on your bet placed in Golden Sevens, the winning amount from the pot varies. The payout of jackpot starts at 10,000 times of the current bet. Now, that’s a huge deal of money. So, playing this game right can provide you with some promising results.

Follow the instructions:

You have to follow instructions to win a round in this online slot game. This game is designed to be played by a single player, and it falls under automated gaming sector. Once you entered a game, you will be a part of the gaming session. Now, these sessions are completely different from the rest and marked as individuals. So, even the previous gaming rules will not influence your current game.

The game will start when you place a bet, and it will end when you plan to leave this application. Here, the RTP is 95.10%, and the maximum bet on each session depends on your amount. Here, just like other games, the minimum bet per session is 0.20 euros, and maximum can get up to 50. Playing the rounds well will help you win up to 5000 euros. The jackpot contribution percentage is likely to be 2% of the amount.

20 win lines for you:

This Golden Sevens comprises of 20 win lines, and you can choose as many lines you want before starting the game. For the basic win, you have to match two identical symbols on any one of these win lines. The line starts from the left side of the reel, and it will cover to the right without interruption. Once you win, the Gamble button pops up. Make sure to be 100% sure before entering the gambling world. You might get the chance to double your amount or lose everything you have.

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