How To Bet On The NBA Finals

If you want to make money betting on the upcoming NBA finals, our advice is to bet on the Golden State Warriors and wait to collect your winnings. We suspect you’ll want a little more persuasion than that, though, so we’ll give it to you. We’re confident in forecasting that the Warriors are going to bring home the trophy, but as we all know there’s no such thing as a safe bet when you’re staking your money on sports.

For many sports enthusiasts, placing a bet on the outcome of an event is all part of the fun. It’s a way of backing your favorite team. It’s also a way of making a game in which you don’t support either team more entertaining, because it gives you something to root for. To make it a rewarding hobby, you’ll need a little more information. If you just wanted to make a basketball-themed bet and stand a chance of winning something, you might as well just play Chilli Heat at Amigo Slots. The slot is as hot as the sights and sounds of a basketball game, and a chance of taking some money away from the experience, but your chances of victory there are purely based on luck. You simply spin the reels and hope to see a winning line appear. When betting on a game, you can improve your odds of success by understanding the facts.

Why The Golden State Warriors Will Win

If you’re a basketball fan, this website won’t be the first place you’ve seen the Golden State Warriors tipped to win the big one. Most respectable news and sports broadcasters are backing the Warriors, and that’s because the odds are firmly in their favor.

For the past four seasons, the NBA Final has been contested by the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Three of those four seasons, the Warriors have walked away triumphant. That means they have a culture of winning instilled within the team, and players who have experienced the pressure of a Final. This year, presuming they make it to the final, they’ll be facing new opponents. The Cavaliers, shorn of LeBron James, had a disastrous season and missed the playoffs. That means whoever stands across the court from the Warriors will be in new territory, and facing experienced campaigners.

They’ve also already experienced the only wobble they’re likely to have, and come through it. The LA Clippers shocked the Warriors in game 2, overturning a 31 point lead to set the basketball world on fire. If there was complacency within the Warriors’ locker room, there isn’t now. Stephen Curry in particular seemed to pick up his performance for the third game, which the Warriors won by 27 points, looking like a completely different team in the process. Champions always exhibit two traits; they can find ways to win when they’re playing badly, and they learn from every defeat. This season, we’ve seen the Warriors do both.

Are There Any Good Outside Bets?

We appreciate that backing the favorite isn’t always the most fun way to go about betting on sports. You get the shortest odds, which means you get a small return if you win, and you’re doubly frustrated if you lose. Everybody likes to see an underdog win big occasionally, so is there anyone in the rest of the field with a realistic prospect of pulling off an upset?

The Milwaukee Bucks look like the ‘best of the rest.’ They reached 60 wins in a single season for the first time since 1981 earlier this month, and they’re a team in form at the right time. From the two games between the Bucks ad the Warriors we’ve seen so far this term, each has walked away with one win. Add to that the fact that the Bucks have the best defense in all of the NBA, and you’re probably looking at a team who have both the form and the force to shut the Warriors out. Giannis Antetokounmpo has arguably been this season’s MVP, and an NBA Championship would be a just reward for the season he’s had. Should they make the finals, they’ll also have the theoretical advantage of playing on their home court.

If not the Bucks, then the Houston Rockets might be the outfit best equipped to stop the Warriors. The Rockets are still dealing with the scars of last season, when they were in touching distance of the NBA Finals only to throw away double-digit leads in both the sixth and the seventh games of the conference finals. They seem to have had the measure of the Warriors all season, holding a 3-1 overall lead of them going into the postseason, and they have a fully-fit squad with no injuries and no obvious weaknesses. James Harden is a former MVP winner, but is arguably now in the form of his life. It’s only the form of Antetokounmpo which will likely see him miss out on picking up the award for a second time. As things stand, the two teams will meet in the second round rather than the final.

Based on the above, our outside pick for a final very few people see coming would be the Bucks vs. the Rockets, and you could probably win good money backing that if it was to come in. Just don’t take that as a guarantee from us that it’s going to happen! We’ll also give an honorable mention to the Toronto Raptors, who may pip the Bucks to a place in the Finals. They haven’t been consistently impressive against everybody, but they are the only team in the NBA to sweep the Warriors this season, and that has to count for something.

The smart money is still on the Warriors, and so the boring answer is still most likely to be the right one. How do you intend to play it? Stay safe with the Warriors? Go wild with the Raptors? Or maybe sit on the fence by backing the Bucks to reach the final? Whatever happens, even if the sport does sometimes seem to be at risk of becoming predictable, we can’t wait to watch the final. Hopefully, we’ll be richer by the time the game is over.

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