Indian Super League -The Grand Glam Opening Ceremony

The much anticipated Indian Super League (ISL) was launched with grand opening ceremony on 12th October 2014, among glamour and glitz. The ISL championship features 8 teams representing the Indian states namely Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Kerala, Goa, Delhi and North Eastern India. Like that in IPL, the ISL too is owned by famous cricketers, Bollywood superstars, big industrialists, and popular football clubs.

The opening ceremony

Indian-Super-LeagueThe evening of 12th October inaugurated the most awaited glamorous opening ceremony of Indian Super League featuring the active involvement of stellar figures in the event. The grand ceremony was held at Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata and was attended by some of the top VIP’s of the nation including Sachin Tedulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, Nita and Mukesh Ambani. Sachin Tendulkar co-owns the Kochi ISL franchise whereas Abhishek Bachchan stands out to be the co-owner of Chennaiyin FC.

As the ISL opening ceremony kicked off at Kolkata, West Bengal’s Chief Minister Honorable Mamata Banerjee reportedly inaugurated the championship. Launched with hit musical performances of the Bollywood superstars, the super duper opening ceremony was jazzed up by the leading lady of Bollywood Priyanka Chopra and Varun Dhawan.

The 45 minutes ceremony initiated from 5 p.m. Later to the inaugural ceremony, the opening match between Mumbai FC and Atletico de Kolkata which was held from 7 p.m. at the same ground.

The other top guns who were at the ceremony included Amitabh Bachchan, Dhoni, Ranbir Kapoor and Hritik Roshan, Mr. Utsav Parekh the co-owner of Atletico Kolkata. The stellar presence of the stars in the opening ceremony added an extra touch of excitement to the event.  This revolutionary soccer league featured the presence of various famous and top franchise owners too.

The inaugural ceremony of the Indian Super League was an ultimate event, just completely out-of-the-world phenomenon. Varun Dhawan and Priyanka Chopra stood out to be the star performers of the event accompanied by 500+ co-performers at the stadium.”

Indian Super League- An acclaimed event

Indian-Super-LeagueThe Hero Indian Super League is seen as a phenomenal movement for the Indian Football, Invigorating the status of Indian football on the international standards. Hinted from the extremely famous IPL, the IMG-Reliance and AIFF has come up with an absolute idea which is all about to alter the state of football affairs in the nation. The championship features 56 matches which will be held till 10 December, 2014. The first semi-final will take place on 13th and 14th December and the second semi-finals will take place on 16th and 17th followed by the finals on 20th December.

The opening ceremony of the ISL was very much an acclaimed event which has marked a new revolutionary step towards a new beginning for Indian football stature.

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