An overview of National Basketball Association

National Basketball Association(NBA)

National Basketball AssociationThe National Basketball Association (NBA) is the finest men’s professional basketball league in North America, and is broadly considered to be the leading men’s professional basketball league in the world. It has 30 franchised member clubs in which 29 are from the United States and 1 is from Canada, and is a dynamic associate of USA Basketball (USAB), which is recognized by FIBA (also known as the International Basketball Federation) as the national governing body for basketball in the United States of America. The NBA is known to be the four most important North American professional games leagues. The world’s best paid sportsmen are NBA players, by average annual salary per player.

The league was founded in New York City on 6 of June in the year 1946, and came to be known as the Basketball Association of America (BAA). The league adopted the name National Basketball Association on third of August in the year 1949, after assimilation with its opponent National Basketball League (NBL). The league’s several international as well as individual team offices are directed out of its head offices located in the Olympic Tower at 645 Fifth Avenue in New York City. NBA TV studios and NBA Entertainment are directed out of offices situated at Secaucus which is in New Jersey.

Starting with 17 franchises in the starting, NBA reduced to only 11 franchises and in the year 1953 and in 1954, the league bear all time low with only eight franchises in it.The teams which appeared in the league are Los Angeles Lakers, Celtics, Knickerbockers, Warriors, Pistons, Hawks,Royals/Kings, and Nationals/76ers who are  still members of the league.

In the period of 1950, the Minneapolis Lakers have won 5 NBA Championship titles and thus became the NBA’s debut ruler. In the year 1957, Bill Russell joined Boston Celtics and in the year 1959; Wilt Chamberlain joined NBA with the Warriors. In the year 1960, Wilt Chamberlain achieved solo game records by scoring 100 points. Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell’s soon became rivals in American team games history. NBA league was recognized with huge fame.

The shift of the franchises further fostered the popularity of the league. The Minneapolis Lakers switched to Los Angeles and was recognized as Los Angeles Lakers, San Francisco earlier known as the Philadelphia Warriors team was reshuffle and came to be recognized as San Francisco Warriors who are now popular as Golden State Warriors and the Syracuse Nationals switch to Philadelphia to turn into the 76ers.

National Basketball Association Teams

The Boston Celtics have won seventeen NBA Final titles. The world’s second most successful and victorious NBA team is the Los Angeles Lakers who have won total of 16 championship titles. Then there is Chicago Bulls who have bagged six championships and San Antonio Spurs have won four championships.

The NBA league organization has divided the thirty teams into two conferences – Eastern Conference and Western Conference. Each of the two conferences has three divisions. Conference on the Eastern side has three divisions namely – Southeast, Central and Atlantic, while the Western Conference had Pacific, Southwest and Northwest division.

After Chicago Bulls bust out in the year 1998, the Western Conference has conquered the league. San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers have joint to win the title in nine out of thirteen years.

Increasing popularity

Magic Johnson from Los Angeles Lakers and Larry Bird from Boston Celtics in Game Two of the 1985 NBA Finals at Boston Garden.

The league added the ABA’s innovative three-point field goal beginning in 1979 to unlock the game. In that year only, Magic Johnson and rookies Larry Bird joined Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, introducing a period of major growth in fan interest in the NBA throughout the country and in front of the whole world. In 1984 they appear against each other for the first time in the NBA championship finals. Johnson won five titles for Lakers, and Bird leads the title to three for the Celtics. Also in the early ’80s, the NBA added one more development franchise, the Dallas Mavericks, making the total teams to 23. Soon after Larry Bird won the first three three-point shooting competitions. Ex league official David Stern, who took office on 1 February in the year 1984 before retiring on 1 February in the year 2014, look over the development and expansion of the NBA to a global commodity.

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