Pietersen’s book beneficial?

Kevin Pietersen’s new book has opened up a whole new can of worms. The former England cricketer has spoken on how the national side had a “bullying culture”, the parody Twitter account of himself which he claims could be accessed but a select few England players and went on to criticize players like Matt Prior and Stuart Broad, as well as former coach Andy Flower.

Now of course we do not know how truthful Pietersen’s claims are. During his cricket career he was called a lot of things, but, never a liar. He has also courted controversy due to his upfront in your face demeanor, the type of guy that tells it as it is. But then this also a character who would text South African cricket player and speak about his captain in derogatory terms, or how he engineered the downfall of current England coach Peter Moore. It is important to note that KP is by no means angelic, he is the whistleblower. Everything said stated needs to be taken with more salt than a shot of tequila.

Andrew Strauss has stated that he believes Pietersen’s tell all book is going to seriously upset the national side. However, not only has Pietersen done the right thing but this whole experience can benefit the England side.

Gets rid of the bullies

Pietersen stated how Stuart Broad and Jimmy Anderson, England’s two best bowlers, would go up to fielders in the dressing room and berate them for dropping catches, forcing them to apologize to their faces. In a high-pressure, team sport like cricket there can be no room for that. Everyone makes mistakes in the field. Do the two seriously think that fielders want to drop a catch? They want to win and strive to achieve it. With Pietersen’s expose this will hopefully cease to happen, and thus the England squad should be more harmonious, not less.


Not Pietersen but the England cricket team. Look at the past 12 months. They have gone from one of the most dominant forces in the world of cricket to a meagre, disorientated mess – Bet365already have Australia as overwhelming favourites for the next Ashes series. Pietersen has cheesed off a significant proportion of the England side. What better way to shut up their former teammate by going out with a confidence and vigour capable of winning games. Pietersen has breathed some life into the stagnating side.


The ECB and KP often butted heads but even they cannot ignore his revelations. They themselves need to change, hopefully KP’s book will bring about a sweeping change in the backrooms of cricket clubhouse country wide. His withering critique of ECB Chairman Giles Clarke will hopefully keep him in check and curb his megalomania. Pietersen has diverted attention to areas that were previously dark. Hopefully we will see more salience in the ECB because of it.

How true are Pietersen’s statements? We will never know. He’ll never again don England cricket whites but his parting gift to the national side could have a serious lasting effect.

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