What is multisports betting?

Experienced punters will tend to specialise in either backing football or horse racing bets. With more sports being made available to bet on, there’s been a larger selection of markets that you can get behind, as well as more punters who are taking an interest in betting through being able to predict outcomes on sports they’re interested in.

Despite the meaning being often overestimated, multisports betting refers to being able to bet on more than one sport. This not only means offering exposure to sports that don’t get as much coverage like formula one, rugby and American football, but also the ability to create multisports bets, where you can back a variety of different sports in the same bet.Multisports betting has grown in demand from punters over recent years, and with so many sports to bet on, it’s easy to see why.

Placing bets on multisport markets

Due to the dominance in sports betting seen by football and horse racing, there’s been less of an emphasis on the many markets on offer for backing bets on other sports. It’s not an indication of their quality though, with lots of opportunities to bet on tennis, golf, boxing, motorsport, and any other sport that bookmakers provide odds for. For examples of how far you can go with your multi sports bets, check out Oddschanger for their specialised Multisports Tips section.

Not only is there flexibility over being able to bet on any sport that the bookmakers cover, but you can also vastly improve your odds through forming a bet which incorporates different sports. This could be a chosen player to win a tennis match, a driver to win a formula one race, a boxer to win a fight, a football team to win their next match, and a favoured horse to win a race. While the chances of landing several outcomes in the same sport is somewhat unlikely, picking out solid multisports betting tips from a handful of sports will increase your chances of coming away with a winner.

The options of markets you can back for individual sports are continuing to grow but it’s unlikely that any will ever be as extensive as with football. Some fans of multi sports find this to be disappointing – with them wanting more exposure and coverage of the sports they follow -but most of these sports don’t have as many outcomes to bet on, so they tend to be covered by the bookmakers to the same degree as the more popular sports.

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