What is NetEnt Touch?

NetEnt Touch is the term used for the range of casino games that have been developed by NetEnt for mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. These games are powered by the operating system that is used on the device whether it be Android, iOS or Windows. here you can learn more about playing slots on your Android device.

Players are able to login into their online casino deutschland accounts whilst on the move with the NetEnt Touch application. This allows them to play their favorite NetEnt games no matter where they are. All they need to ensure, is that their mobile device is connected to the Internet.

NetEnt began releasing NetEnt Touch titles in 2011 and started by adapting popular titles so that they would work on mobile, but at first, this was only for iOS devices. However, soon all Touch games worked on Android devices as well. All new releases from the providers are now launched on both desktop and mobile.

NetEnt Touch games are the same as their desktop versions and the games follow the same rules and offer the same gameplay and payout percentages. You will even have the same high-quality 3D graphics and animations on your mobile.

The main difference between the games on desktop and on mobile are the menus and buttons on the play screen. These have been adjusted so that the game can be easily controlled with touch screen capabilities on the device.

At the moment, you are able to play NetEnt table games, video slots and classic slot games on its NetEnt Touch offering.

NetEnt Touch and Mobile Casinos

Not long after NetEnt Touch launched, many NetEnt online casinos started to offer a mobile casino section where they included the NetEnt Touch titles in their portfolio of offerings. Most online casinos that are powered by NetEnt offer a mobile casino that features NetEnt Touch games and each month these online casinos will add a new NetEnt Touch title, giving mobile players even more choice.

The NetEnt Touch mobile casino section at a NetEnt casino can be accessed in one of two ways. The first is by scanning a QR code that the casino provides with their mobile device and the second way is by just going to the casino website on their mobile device and logging into their account.

The player will be redirected to the mobile casino page in both of these instances and are able to start playing NetEnt Touch Games.

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