Will India’s new pro league succeed?

Indian Super League

After the IPL It’s football now , which has come up with the all-new revolutionary Indian Super League or Indian pro league . The 10-week tournament concept to give an international platform to the Indian players. It features both the Indian and European football stars.The stated aim of the pro-league is to promote the national game in the nation.

Similar to the concept of the United States’s, Major League Soccer (MLS) the game features eight franchise Indian teams who will face off against each other two times each before heading towards the December finals.

As a compulsory requirement, every team must hold at least 14 Indian domestic players and 4 local players belonging to the same state. The teams have entered alliances with a number of high profile European clubs, namely Atlético Madrid, Fiorentina and Feyenoord.

But however, as an overall concept competing with cricket could be an uphill challenge for the newly introduced pro-league.

Cricket Craze in India

Though football holds the tag of the national game of India, but the fact can’t be ignored that its “ a cricket-crazy nation”. Indians rarely miss an opportunity to watch their cricket team play, they are all time ready  to cheer the “Men in Blue”.

BCCI,the nation’s cricket governing body,is the most influential and richest in the sport, capitalizing on the country’s appetite through multimillion-dollar broadcasting rights and sponsorship deals.

On the other hand, Indian football, is its destitute cousin. India lacks even basic infrastructure for the sport to prosper and grow. There are just 6 stadiums, meeting the current guidelines laid by FIFA and it has been a regular concern to maintain them to the international standards.According to FIFA’s latest World Rankings India stands at a humble rank of 158, which is eight positions down from previous month

A football revival?

The Indian Super League or pro league is introduced with the intention to help it become the premier football league in the nation,offering a high graded platform to the domestic talents. The new pro-league introduced with the joint efforts of the grand corporate businesses, Bollywood’s glittering stars, and the former superstars of Europe, is hopefully going  to help the local unearthed talents to develop their skills further, and boost interest.

To mention of the fact, the Indian broadcasters are expecting  a big response from the super league. The chief operating officer of Star India ,Sanjay Gupta, holds the responsibility to lay the games on an unprecedented number of platforms, by  broadcasting the game in 5 different languages. English  and Hindi are the norms. But for the very first time, the broadcast is also held in Bengali, Kannada and Malayalam.

This would be a treat for the 80 million Bengali speakers and over 30 million Malayalam and Kannada speakers of India. The revolutionary step taken in regard to upraise the level of football in India, is expected to transform the sport in the nation.

As top European football clubs look forward to capture large number of fans in Asia, perhaps they could have to face competition for Indian viewers through an unexpected source.

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